Winter League 2021-22 Ages 3-11

Registration Opens 10/1/21

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Winter 2021-2022

Winter League General Information

  • Online registration opens October 1
  • Season duration: December - February 5th
  • Player Assessments in November @ ASA outdoor courts in Montrose (ages 3-5 need not attend) *players need only attend either assessment day

Assessment 1: 11/6

Make-Up Assessment: 11/13

@ ASA courts in Montrose (2361 Florencita Dr, Montrose, CA 91020) Please enter at the rear of the school on Mira Vista Ave

  • Girls 8u (ages 6-9) -  10:00 - 10:45am
  • Girls 11u (ages 9-11) - 10:00 - 10:45am
  • Boys 7u (ages 6-7) - 10:45 - 11:45am*
  • Boys 9u (ages 8-9) - 12:00 - 1:00pm*
  • Boys 11u (ages 10-11) - 1:00 - 2:00pm*

*please note adjusted times


Parents' and Coaches' Information / Meetings

  • Parents' meeting Information distributed online on Sunday 11/21
  • Team Assignments Available in the app, through logging in to your Foothill Hoops online account, and distributed via email notification on 11/21
  • Schedules Available in the app, and the PDF Parents' Packet
  • Coaches' meeting online Sunday 11/21
  • Coaching information available in the PDF Coaches' Packet
  • Tues, Wed, Thurs or Friday scheduled practice and Saturday games starting December 2-3
  • 1st games starting Saturday 12/11; Final games Saturday 2/5 (no events 12/22 - 1/1)
  • Ages 3 - 11 (age on 12/1/2021)
  • $209 includes registration and full uniform 

General Winter League Information:

Registration is open to players ages 3-11, with no “zip-code” requirements or preferences. We are a non-profit, 501(c)3 federally recognized youth basketball organization dedicated to fun, learning, confidence building, and character enhancement. Players practice and play a game once per week. We are based primarily in the Crescenta-Canada area, utilizing gyms in La Canada, La Crescenta, Glendale, and Pasadena.

Who can play?

During the winter, we offer the following divisions:

     Rookies (coed age 3) – 4′ baskets, “mini” ball

     Dribblers (coed ages 4-5) – 5′ baskets, “mini” ball

     Ballers (coed age 5, previous Dribbler) – 6′ baskets, “mini” ball

     Boys 7u (ages 6-7) – 7′ 6” baskets, 27.5 ball

     Boys 9u (ages 8-9) – 8’6” baskets, 28.5 ball

     Boys 11u (ages 10-11) – 10' baskets, 29.5 ball

     Girls 9u (ages 6-8) – 7’6” baskets, 27.5 ball

     Girls 11u (ages 9-11) – 10' baskets, 28.5 ball


When and where are practices and games?

All practices and games will be held locally in the Montrose/La Crescenta or La Canada area. Practices are once per week on either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday after 5pm, and are one hour in length. Games are once per week on Saturday, starting as early as 9:30am, and as late as 4:30pm. Games are also one hour in length. Practices and games are currently scheduled to be held at the ASA outdoor courts in Montrose.

Who coaches?

Foothill Hoops is grateful to our volunteers who coach our ages 6-11 teams. Moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, and older siblings are all welcome and may volunteer as either a head-coach or as an assistant. Anyone who coaches will go through our mandatory Coaching Clinic and FHB Staff assistance and support will be provided throughout the season. Crystal Young and the Foothill Hoops staff coaches all Rookies (age 3), Dribblers (ages 4-5), and Ballers (age 5) teams.

Are there any try-outs?

There are no “try-outs” in the traditional sense as everyone is guaranteed to make a team. There will be, however, two Player Assessment Days. Players ages 6-11 must attend one of either the Player Assessment Days. These assessments are necessary to create balanced teams within each division. Players ages 3-5 do not need to attend an Assessment Day.

How are the teams made?

The Foothill Hoops staff does all of the evaluating at the Player Assessment Days. We do not have parent volunteers evaluate, nor do they draft the teams. Instead, our neutral staff will create the teams as evenly as possible based on the skills assessment using a "blind draft" system. Height, age, and number of years experience are also taken into consideration when formulating the teams.

Notes on requests and roster construction:

The Foothill Hoops Recreational Leagues are intended for players to sign up as individuals. We do not allow full teams (or near full teams) to join into any league as a group, nor do we allow coaches to construct their own teams. We do, however, try our best to accommodate requests. A few notes on requests:

  • The only requests that will be honored are those that are done IN PERSON at our Player Assessment Days. These players must then attend an assessment. We do not accept any requests via phone or email.
  • At the Player Assessment Day, please fill-out a request form. Filling out a form is not a contract or a promise that the request will happen.
  • Practice night conflicts will always be considered (i.e. if you cannot practice on a Tuesday, tell us this and we won’t place your player on a team that practices on Tuesdays)
  • We will never place more than two or three requested players together
  • Putting two or three friends together is sometimes feasible, but it will ultimately come down to whether or not we can keep the teams in the given division even. The balance of the teams always takes priority over friend requests.

Sounds good. How much?

Registration fees for our regular seasons is $209. This includes all costs for the season, excluding Picture Day Pictures (which are optional to purchase). Your uniform cost is included in this price, and uniforms are yours to keep after the season is over. Every player also receives an end of the season trophy or award. Pictures are additional, and are available for purchase on the picture day during the season. We will not turn away anyone from the program due to financial limitations. We offer financial aid and payment plan options for those who cannot afford the registration fee. There is also a $20 discount for siblings. Please email with financial aid questions.

Cancellation Policy

If for some reason you need to cancel your registration, requests must be sent to our Program Manager in an email: Our current cancellation policy allows for account credits only. There is a $25 drop fee on all cancellations, and no credits will be given after 2 weeks into the season. Any cancellations after the start of the season, and within the 2 week period, will be subject to the $25 drop fee, plus any pro-rated charges corresponding to the length of the season. 

How do I register?

Registration can be completed online starting October 1. Be sure to register early, as people who wait to sign up until just prior to the assessment days sometimes end up on a waiting list. 

Why play Foothill Hoops Basketball?

  • A high-quality, well-organized league that has been in the area for 15+ years
  • Modified basket heights, ball sizes, scoring systems, and rules for each division
  • All events, practices, and games are held INDOORS
  • TRAINING and SUPPORT provided for all volunteers
  • Players are guaranteed to play at least HALF of every game
  • Every player receives a FULL UNIFORM that is theirs to KEEP when the season is over
  • All players receive an end of the season AWARD

Parent Packet Winter 2021-22.pdf
Coach Packet Winter 2021-22.pdf