Spring League 2019 Assessment Days and Season Information

Updated Thursday March 7, 2019 by FHB Staff.

Team Assignments and Schedules will be posted online and send out via email this Sunday, 3/3!


The Spring League is for boys ages 6-17 and girls ages 6-15 (age on 9/1/19) and runs February into the first week of May.

‚ÄčOur mandatory Player Assessment Days are taking place on Saturday, 2/16, with the make-up assessment on Sunday, 2/24 at the FIS gym in La Canada (4490 Cornishon Ave, La Canada, 91011)

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Assessment Day

Saturday, February 16

@ FIS gym (4490 Cornishon Ave, La Canada, 91011)

12:00 Girls 8u & 10u (ages 6-10)

12:30 Girls 15u (ages 11-15)

1:00 Boys 7u (ages 6-7)

2:00 Boys 9u (ages 8-9)

3:00 Boys 11u (ages 10-11)

4:00 Boys 14u (ages 12-14)

5:00 Boys 17u (ages 15-17)


Make-Up Assessment Day:

Sunday, February 24

@ FIS gym (4490 Cornishon Ave, La Canada, 91011)

12:00 Girls 8u & 10u (ages 6-10)

12:30 Girls 15u (ages 11-15)

1:00 Boys 7u (ages 6-7)

2:00 Boys 9u (ages 8-9)

3:00 Boys 11u (ages 10-11)

4:00 Boys 14u (ages 12-14)

5:00 Boys 17u (ages 15-17)


Pre-Season Meeting Information:

Parent's Meeting: ALL DIGITAL - online information posted 3/3

Coaches' Meeting*: Friday, 3/8 5:30 - 6:30pm @ FIS gym

       (*Informal coaches' meeting - attendance is not mandatory but is recommended for first time coaches)


Please see below for Assessment Day Frequently Asked Questions.



Q: When and where is it?

A: (Please see the above announcement)


Q: Do I need to stay for the whole time?  Can I pop in whenever?

A: Please bring your player at the beginning of the scheduled time and plan to stay for the duration as we will most likely need the whole time for all groups.


Q: Can I bring my player at a different time during the day?

A: Unfortunately, no. The evaluators, drills, and basket heights change for every group. We can only see your player at his or her scheduled time.


Q: Is there a make-up day/time?

A: Yes, Sunday, 2/24 is the make-up assessment. Attending either assessment day will be fine.


Q: I tried to rearrange our schedule, but I just can’t make it. What happens?

A: If you absolutely cannot attend the assessment, as long as the registration has already been completed online and the registration fee has been paid, your player will still be placed on a team. For any players that do not attend the assessment, Foothill Hoops has the right to change their team assignment after the season has started if we feel that the teams are not balanced. There is no need to contact us if your player cannot attend.


Q: My player has played in the past. Do I need to bring him or her?

A: Yes. The reason for this is, believe it or not, the kids grow and change from season to season! Also, the player pool fluctuates from season to season, and we must consider your son or daughter’s skills, experience, and height relative to all of the players in his or her current division and up against the player pool for that season.


Q: I have a player who may want to play up/down a division. Which assessment time do I bring him to?

A: Please bring your player to both assessment times. I.E., if you have a son who is considered 7 based on our age cut-off, but may want to be considered for the 8-9 year old group, please have him come to the 6-7 year old assessment time, and then re-check in for the 8-9 year old assessment time. After the second assessment time, please see a director inside the gym to discuss your player’s placement.


Q: I volunteered to coach. What do I do at the assessment?

A: First of all, thank you for volunteering! Our program could not operate without your volunteerism. At the Player Assessment Day, however, we ask you to simply sit back and relax and let our staff do the evaluating. Please plan to attend our Coaches' Meeting and Coaching Clinic on Sunday, 3/3 from 1:00 - 2:00pm at the FIS gym. At the clinic you will get your roster, the league rules, and many helpful drills that you can use at practice.


Q: How are the teams made?

A: Our neutral Foothill Hoops staff does all of the evaluating at the Player Assessment Day. We don’t have parent volunteers evaluate, nor do they draft the teams. Instead, our League Directors create the teams as evenly as possible based on the skills assessment.


Q: Do you take requests?

A: The Foothill Hoops Recreational Leagues are intended for players to sign up as individuals. We do not allow full teams (or near full teams) to join into any league as a group, nor do we allow coaches to construct their own teams. We do, however, try our best to accommodate requests. A few notes on requests:

  • The only requests that will be honored are those that are done IN PERSON at our Player Assessment Day. These players must then attend the assessment. We do not accept any requests via phone or email nor will we honor requests of unassessed players.
  • At the Player Assessment Day, please fill-out a request form upon check-in. Filling-out a form is not a contract or a promise that the request will happen, however.
  • We will never place more than three requested players together. Groups of four-six players may be placed on the same night and time, but not on the same team. We cannot accommodate requests larger than six players.
  • Putting two or three friends or relatives together is often feasible, but it will ultimately come down to whether or not we can keep the teams in the division even. The balance of the teams always takes priority over friend requests.
  • Practice time conflicts will always be considered (i.e. if you cannot practice at a particular time, tell us this and we won’t place your player on a team that practices at that time)


Q: When do I find out my player’s team assignment?

A: Team assignments will be published online by 3/2 - please check www.foothillhoops.org


Q: What is the practice and game schedule?

A: All schedules will be published online by 3/3 and won’t be known until after the assessment days (the schedule will be based on coaches’ availability and number of players registered). If there is a time you know you won’t be able to practice, please let us know on a request form at the assessment. Practices during the Spring season are typically on weeknights (after 5pm), or Saturdays (after 9am). Games may be held on Sunday afternoons (after 12:00) due to gym availability. 


Q: I’ve read through all the FAQs, looked through the website (www.FoothillHoops.org), but I still have questions. Who do I contact?

A: Feel free to email us at info@foothillhoops.org with any other questions you might have.


Thanks, everyone, in advance for a smooth Player Assessment Day. We’ll see you in the gym!

The Foothill Hoops Staff


Hoops19(Spring) - Official Practice Schedule - revised for 3-8 and 3-10 only.pdf
Parent Packet - Spring 2019.PDF