Spring League Pre Season Meetings this Sunday, 3/4

@ Rosemont Middle School (4725 Rosemont Ave, La Crescenta, 91214)

Updated Saturday March 3, 2018 by Paul Young.


Thank you for your attendence at our Player Assessment Days!

The Spring League Parents' Meeting and Coaches' Meetings are being held Sunday, 3/4 at Rosemont middle School (4725 Rosemont Ave, La Crescenta, 91214).

Please see below for the meeting information:


Sunday, 3/4 @ Rosemont Middle School

  • 3:00-4:00 - Parents' Meeting
  • 4:30-5:30 - Coaches' Meeting

PARENTS' MEETING: Get team assignments, practice and game schedules, and an overview of the Foothill Hoops Philosophy at our Parents Meeting on Sunday, March 4th, at 3:00 pm at the Rosemont Middle School Gymnasium. The meeting will last approximately 60 minutes. 

COACHES' MEETING: After the meeting, all volunteer coaches are required to attend our Coaches' Meeting at 4:30 where you will get your rosters, teams' uniforms, and updated league rules and division specifications.

COACHES' CLINIC: At 5:00, Coach Jean Pierre, our Travel Team Program and Elite Level University Clinic Director, will be taking us through a series of helpful drills and games in our annual winter Coaching Clinic. This clinic is mandatory for all Foothill Hoops staff and all first year volunteer coaches. All coaches are encouraged to attend, and any interested non-coaching parents are welcome! The Coaches' meeting and clinic combined will last approximately 60 minutes. 

We look forward to seeing everyone this Saturday at Rosemont!

Please see below for Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Parents' and Coaches' meetings:



Q: I tried to rearrange our schedule, but I just can’t make it to the Parents’ Meeting. What happens?

A: If you absolutely cannot attend the meeting, you may have a friend or someone else you know in the league pick up the information for you. You can send Grandma or Grandpa, your neighbor, your cousin, brother, sister, etc... send someone you know so they can pick up your information and attend the meeting if possible! As long as your registration and payment are complete, you will not lose your spot. Unpaid players, however, may be placed on a waiting list. There is no need to contact us if you cannot attend.


Q: I cannot attend the Parents’ meeting, and I do not have anyone to attend for me. What happens?

A: If you absolutely cannot attend, please check www.foothillhoops.org after the meeting for instructions regarding obtaining the Parents’/ Coaches’ meeting information. Instructions are often posted the day after the meeting, so please check then if it is not already posted the same day.


Q: Do I need to stay for the whole time? Can I pop in whenever?

A: The meetings are intended for you to stay from beginning to end. If you absolutely cannot stay for the duration, it is better to stop by near the end of the meeting to get your team assignment and pick up the Parents’ packet. Team assignments are not posted until near the end of the meeting.


Q: Are players required to attend?

A: Players are not required to attend the meeting. You may bring your player if you must, but we generally don't recommend that players attend since the meeting is generally geared towards Parents.



Q: I still need to make a payment for my registration. How/when should I make the payment?

A: Payments must be made online prior to the Parents’ meeting by logging into your Foothill Hoops account on www.foothillhoops.org. We also accept payments in person on the meeting day. Credit card, cash, or checks are accepted in person as well. If you are unpaid, your player’s name will not show up on the lists at the meeting. Once you make your payment, our staff will provide your information. If you are still unpaid after the meeting day, your player may be placed on a waiting list.



Q: When do I find out my player’s Team Assignment?

A: Team assignments will be published at our Parents’ Meeting at Rosemont Middle School. Team lists will be posted near the end of the meeting.


Q: How were the teams made?

A: Our neutral Foothill Hoops staff does all of the evaluating at the Player Assessment Day. We don’t have parent volunteers evaluate, nor do they draft the teams. Instead, our League Directors create the teams as evenly as possible based on the skills assessment. Height, size, skill, and age are all considered when we make the teams as evenly balanced as possible.


Q: Where can I find the Practice and Game Schedules?

A: Practice and Game Schedules are published in the Parents’ Packet, which will be distributed at the Parents’ Meeting. Please always follow the Official Foothill Hoops schedules in the Parents’ Packet. Practices and games are never cancelled, even if your coach says so!


Q: My request that I submitted on the Request Form was not fulfilled…what do I do?

A: When building the teams and schedules, we review all requests that were submitted – no request goes unread. If your request was not fulfilled, there likely is a reason as we must make sure all of the teams are evenly balanced with skill and age. If your request was not fulfilled, you may talk to one of our staff members after the meeting. Please see below for Request guidelines and information:

The Foothill Hoops Recreational Leagues are intended for players to sign up as individuals. We do not allow full teams (or near full teams) to join into any league as a group, nor do we allow coaches to construct their own teams. We do, however, try our best to accommodate requests. A few notes on requests:

The only requests that will be honored are those that are done IN PERSON at our Player Assessment Day. These players must then attend the assessment. We do not accept any requests via phone or email nor will we honor requests of unassessed players.

At the Player Assessment Day, please fill-out a request form upon check-in. Filling-out a form is not a contract or a promise that the request will happen, however.

We will never place more than three requested players together. Groups of four-six players may be placed on the same night and time, but not on the same team. We cannot accommodate requests larger than six players.

Putting two or three friends or relatives together is often feasible, but it will ultimately come down to whether or not we can keep the teams in the division even. The balance of the teams always takes priority over friend requests.

Practice time conflicts will always be considered (i.e. if you cannot practice at a particular time, tell us this and we won’t place your player on a team that practices at that time)


Q: I put in a new request to one of your staff members after the meeting – when will I find out if that request is fulfilled?

A: If you put in a new request at the Meeting (i.e. your practice time falls in a time that you absolutely cannot attend) we will review these requests in the days following the meeting. You will typically hear back in the week following the Parents’ meeting, and before the start of the first practices.



Q: Do you still have room for new registrations?

A: Yes, we generally have room for new registrations if you know anyone who would like to register! Some divisions may have waiting lists, while others may have open spots. Registration can still be completed online on www.foothillhoops.org. If placed on a waiting list, you will receive an automatic email once a spot opens up.


Q: I’ve read through all the FAQs, looked through the website (www.FoothillHoops.org), but I still have questions. Who do I contact?

A: Feel free to email us at info@foothillhoops.org with any other questions you might have.







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The Parents' Packet with game and practice schedules will soon be posted below

Parents' Packet - Spring 2018 - pdf.PDF
Coaches' Packet - Spring 2018 - pdf.PDF