Spring League Coaches' Meeting this Sunday, 3/8

& Preseason Information Available 3/8

UpdatedSunday March 8, 2020 byPaul Young.

Thank you for your attendence at our Player Assessment Day, and thank you for your Spring League Registration!

The Spring League Team Assignments and schedules will be available online this Sunday! 3/8. Please check your email and our website to find your team assignment and scheduling information for the season. The first practices will start on 3/14.

The Spring League Coaches' Meeting is being held Sunday, 3/8, 2:00pm at the FIS gym in La Canada (4490 Cornishon Ave, La Canada, 91011.

Please see below for the meeting information:


Sunday, 3/8 @ FIS Gym

  • 2:00 - 2:45 - Coaches' Meeting / Clinic
  • 2:45 - 3:00 - Coaches' Q & A session

COACHES' MEETING: All coaches are required to attend our Coaches' Meeting at 2:00 where you will get Foothill Hoops gear, roster and app/communication information, and updated league rules and division specifications. All coaches are strongly encouraged to attend, and any interested non-coaching parents are welcome! The Coaches' meeting and clinic combined will last approximately 60 minutes, with time available after for questions and answers.

We look forward to seeing everyone this Sunday at the FIS gym!

Please see below for Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Parents' Information distributed online and the Coaches' meetings:



Q: I tried to rearrange my schedule, but I just can’t make it. What happens?

A: Rosters for coaches will be accessible online. Please check your email or www.foothillhoops.org. All players will receive reminder emails for their first practice - but please also follow up with them as well to introduce yourself and remind them as well.


Q: Do I need to stay for the whole time? Can I pop in whenever?

A: The meetings are intended for you to stay from beginning to end. If you absolutely cannot stay for the duration - please do not arrive early as we will not be ready for you. You may of course leave if you need to, but we strongly recommend staying for the entire meeting.


Q: Are players required to attend?

A: Players are not required to attend the meeting. You may bring your player if you must, but we generally don't recommend that players attend since the meeting is generally geared towards Coaches



Q: When do I find out my player’s Team Assignment?

A: Team assignments will be published online and sent out via email over the weekend of 3/7-3/8


Q: When do practices and games start?

A: Practices start 3/14. Games start 3/15


Q: How were the teams made?

A: Our neutral Foothill Hoops staff does all of the evaluating at the Player Assessment Day. We don’t have parent volunteers evaluate, nor do they draft the teams. Instead, our League Directors create the teams as evenly as possible based on the skills assessment. Height, size, skill, and age are all considered when we make the teams as evenly balanced as possible.


Q: Where can I find the Practice and Game Schedules?

A: Practice and Game Schedules are published in the Parents’ Packet, which is posted online (see below). Games and practices are also available in the App. Please always follow the Official Foothill Hoops schedules in the Parents’ Packet. Practices and games are never cancelled, even if your coach says so!



Q: Do you still have room for new registrations?

A: Yes, we generally have room for new registrations if you know anyone who would like to register! Some divisions may have waiting lists, while others may have open spots. Registration can still be completed online on www.foothillhoops.org. If placed on a waiting list, you will receive an automatic email once a spot opens up.


Q: I’ve read through all the FAQs, looked through the website (www.FoothillHoops.org), but I still have questions. Who do I contact?

A: Feel free to email us at info@foothillhoops.org with any other questions you might have.







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The Parents' Packet with game and practice schedules is posted below

Coaches Packet Spring 2020.PDF
Parents Packet Spring 2020.PDF