Spring League 2020

Season Postponed

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Spring League 2020

*Spring League events are currently postponed

(No games or practices in March-May. Check back in June for program updates)

Spring League 2020 Information:

Welcome to the Spring League general information page. Specific practice and game schedules are published online at our digital Parents' Meeting in March. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to find the pdf Parents' Packet with all practice and game schedules.

Registration for the 2020 Spring League opens in January. Registrations must be completed online prior to the Assessment Day on 3/1. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW


Team Assignments: Team Assignments Now Posted! Please login to your Foothill Hoops account, or check your SI Play app to find your teams. All practice and game schedules can be found in the pdf Parents' Packet (avaialble at the bottom of this page) or in the SI Play app.


Quick Info:

Boys Ages: 6-17, Girls Ages 6-15 (age on 9/1/2020)

PRACTICES: Saturdays (after 9am) in La Canada

GAMES: Sundays (after 12:00) in La Canada & La Crescenta

Schedules for the entire season will always be made available prior to the season starting. Scroll down to find the Parents' Packet, or check the app once the team assignments are made available.

Registration open online: January – March

Season Duration: 8 weeks (typically 8 practices and 7 games - no games on Easter Sunday)


Assessment Days:

Assessment Day & Free Clinic, Sunday 3/1

(Sunday 3/1 @ FIS gym: 4490 Cornishon Ave, La Canada, 91011)

Girls 8u (ages 6-8) 12:00pm

Girls 10u (ages 9-10) 2:45pm

Girls 15u (ages 11-15) 2:45pm

Boys 7u (ages 6-7) 12:00pm

Boys 9u (ages 8-9) 1:15pm

Boys 11u (ages 10-11) 4:15pm

Boys 14u (ages 12-14) 5:45pm

Boys 17u (ages 15-17) 5:45pm


Please check www.foothillhoops.org for Assessment Day and Season updates.


Parents' Meeting: Information posted online - www.foothillhoops.org

Coaching Clinic*: Sunday 3/8 @ FIS gym in La Canada 2:00pm

       (*Coaches' meeting to discuss rules and tips for practices and games. Attendance is mandatory for all coaches)

Saturday practices and Sunday games (*please note, practice schedule will vary due to gym availability)

Practices Begin in March

First Practices: 3/14

First Games: 3/15

(no games or practices during Easter weekend)

Final Games: 5/3

Spring League Overview:

Our Spring League is open to boys and girls ages 6-17;  we have no zip code requirements or priorities. We are a non-profit, 501(c)3 federally recognized youth basketball organization with players from La Canada, La Crescenta, Glendale, Pasadena, Tujunga, Los Angeles, and San Marino. We are based primarily in the Crescenta-Canada area, utilizing gyms in La Canada, La Crescenta, Glendale, and Pasadena. Teams will practice once per week and games are played on the weekends.

General Spring League Details:

Who can play?

During the spring , we offer the following divisions:

Boys 7u (ages 6-7) – 7’6” baskets, 27.5 ball

Boys 9u (ages 8-9) – 8’6” baskets, 28.5 ball

Boys 11u (ages 10-11) – 10′ baskets, 29.5 ball

Boys 14u (ages 12-14)* – 10′ baskets, 29.5 ball

Boys 17u (ages 15-17)* – 10′ baskets, 29.5 ball

Girls 8u (ages 6-8)* – 7’6” baskets, 27.5 ball

Girls 10u (ages 9-10)* – 8'6''′ baskets, 28.5 ball

Girls 15u (ages 11-15)* – 10′ baskets, 28.5 ball

*Division parameters may vary slightly based on enrollment

When and where are practices and games?

All practices and games will be held at gyms in the La Canada, La Crescenta, or Glendale area. Practices are once per week on Saturdays (after 9am); and games are once per week on Sundays (after 12pm). Younger players tend to practice at the earlier times. Players ages 15-17 may start practice or have a game time as late as 8:00 pm. Events on Saturdays are held between 9am-9pm (younger ages are scheduled at earlier times). Events held on Sundays are always after 12:00 pm. If there is a day of the week or a time on Saturdays that your player is unavailable for practice, please let us know by filling out a Request Form at one of the Player Assessment Days.

Practices during the spring 2020 season are held at the FIS gym in La Canada. Games are typically held at either the FIS gym in La Canada, or Rosemont Middle School.

Who coaches?

Foothill Hoops is grateful to our volunteers who coach our ages 6-17 teams. Moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, and older siblings are all welcome and may volunteer as either a head-coach or as an assistant. Anyone who coaches will go through background check, a mandatory coaches’ training, and FHB staff assistance and support will be provided throughout the season. All high school level teams (Boys 17u) teams are typically self-coached by the players using a team-captain system; or coached by Foothill Hoops staff.

Are there any try-outs?

There are no try-outs in the traditional sense for the Spring League as everyone is guaranteed to make a team. There will be, however, a Player Assessment Day for each season.These assessments are necessary to create balanced teams within each division.  Players only need to attend one assessment day per season. We also consider height, age, and years experience when putting together the teams. Even if your son or daughter has played with us before, attendance at one of these days is critical so that we may evaluate your player up against the current player pool for their division and because players grow and develop from year to year.  

Please note, if your son or daughter registers for the league and is unable to attend an assessment, he or she will still be placed on a team with the understanding that his or her team assignment may be subject to change if we see that the teams are uneven after the start of play.

How are the teams made?

Our neutral Foothill Hoops staff does all of the evaluating at the Player Assessment Days. We DO NOT have parent volunteers evaluate, nor do they draft the teams. Instead, our League Directors create the teams as evenly as possible based on the skills assessment.

Notes on requests and roster construction:

The Foothill Hoops Recreational Leagues are intended for players to sign up as individuals. We do not allow full teams (or near full teams) to join into any league as a group, nor do we allow coaches to construct their own teams. We do, however, try our best to accommodate requests. A few notes on requests:

  • ·Players registering for the program are not signing up to be placed on a specific team (nor with a specific coach). Rather, they are signing up for the league in general and may be placed on any team at the discretion of the Foothill Hoops staff with the goal of team balance and equal skill/experience distribution. 
  • The only requests that will be honored are those that are done IN PERSON at our Player Assessment Days. These players must then attend an assessment. We do not accept any requests via phone, email or in the online registration process.
  • Requests from players that do not attend either Assessment Day will NOT be honored 
  • At the Player Assessment Day, please fill-out a request form. Filling out a form is not a contract or a promise that the request will happen.
  • Practice time conflicts will always be considered if possible (i.e. if you cannot practice in the late afternoon, tell us this and we won’t place your player on a team that practices during that timeframe)
  • We will not place more than two or three requested players together on the same team, but same practice dates/times may be considered for larger groups
  • Putting two or three friends together is sometimes feasible, but it will ultimately come down to whether or not our staff thinks the balance of the teams won't be compromised by doing so

How much?

The registration fee for our regular seasons is $209. This includes all costs for the 8 week season, and no additional fees will collected. If you elect to pay with a credit card, a credit card transaction fee will be charged both online and in person. 

Your uniform cost is included in this price, and uniforms for the younger divisions are yours to keep after the season is over (divisions 11u and up must return their uniforms after the season). Every player also receives an end-of-the-season trophy or award. Pictures are additional and are available for purchase on the designated Picture Day during the season. We offer financial aid and payment plan options for those who cannot afford the registration fee. Please email info@foothillhoops.org with financial aid questions. Uniform Recycling Program: we always accept uniforms in good condition for a $10 credit towards a future season! Email info@foothillhoops.org or simply bring your uniforms to us at an upcoming event.

How do I register?

Registration can be completed online starting the first week of January through the first week of March. Registrations are NOT accepted in person. 

Refunds and cancellations?

If you need to cancel your registration, requests must be sent to us in an email: paul@foothillhoops.org. All refund requests are subject to review and approval. Refund requests due to an injury prior to the season starting will require a valid Doctor's note. All cancellations due to anything other than an injury that prevents the player from participating in the season will be subject to an account credit only. There is a $25 drop fee on all cancellations. No refunds will be given after the start of the season, and no refunds or credit can be given after the start of week two of practices (other than an injury with a valid Doctor's note). Any cancellations after the start of the season, and within the 2 week period, will be subject to the $25 drop fee deducted from the credit, plus any pro-rated charged corresponding to the length of the season. Any credit card convenience fees paid online will not be refunded.

Parents Packet Spring 2020.PDF
Coaches Packet Spring 2020.PDF
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