Foothill Hoops Spring League 2020 & COVID-19

Spring 2020 Information

UpdatedFriday November 6, 2020 byFoothill Hoops.

Dear Foothill Hoops Families,


First and foremost, we hope that all of our members, their families and their loved ones are staying safe and healthy.


As we face difficult and uncertain times, we wanted to address all of our Foothill Hoops members - current, past and future members. During Spring of 2020, our events were postponed until further notice. While we were hoping for a speedy turnaround and looking to get back on the courts as soon as possible, we also needed to make sure we did this in a safe and responsible manner. We needed to fulfill our Mission providing a well organized, high quality youth basketball program that emphasizes fun, learning, confidence building, and character enhancement to families of all income levels within a safe and friendly environment.


As of March 2020, our regular recreation leagues (both Spring and Summer 2020) were postponed until we knew that we were safe to get back in the gym and back to our practices and games. For Spring 2020 league members who have already paid their registration fees, please be rest assured that your credit will not expire, and your entire amount paid is currently in your Foothill Hoops account. We will get the players back on the court as soon as possiblle - when that is safe to do so. 

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding in this manner, and we hope to see you on the courts soon. Please stay safe and healthy!


For Spring 2020 league members please read below for more information regarding your account credit as well:


We want to remind members that Foothill Hoops is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that primarily relies on registration fees to keep us operating. We are strongly encouraging all Spring 2020 members that they consider making a donation or accepting a partial account credit along with a donation. We understand that issues may arise, but we also want to remind everyone that too many refunds would be detrimental to the operations of our organization. To put things bluntly: too many refund requests may drive the organization out of business.


We kindly ask any Spring 2020 members to consider one of the options below:


Option 1: Donation of your Spring 2020 Registration Fees

Donating your Spring registration fees to Foothill Hoops is completely tax-deductible

We are a federally recognized, 501(c)3 non-profit organization

Donations will help us sustain our operations as a business during these tough times, provide financial support to our staff, and ensure that the organization continues to provide our programs to the community in the future.


Option 2: (Default) Full account credit + Cancellation Fee Waived

This has been applied to all Spring 2020 members. Accepting a full account credit puts the entire amount that you paid back into your Foothill Hoops account.

This also waives the $25 cancellation fee, (as stated in the Refund Policy) as a thank you for your support during these times.

Account credits do not expire, and can be used towards any future Foothill Hoops program (seasons, camps, or clinics)


Option 3: Donate a portion of your Fees, and the remainder as a Credit

Donate a percentage of your fees (50% for example), and the remaining amount can be issued as an account credit to you or a friend

Any remaining amount issued as a Foothill Hoops account credit does not expire

Small donations in any amount will help our organization greatly - supplies, equipment, and helping support our staff who work hard for the kids and the community.


We strongly encourage our members to accept one of these options, and help us sustain our operations. Since 2003, we have been dedicated to providing programs emphasizing Fun, Learning, Confidence Building and Character Enhancement. We have been proud to serve our community and these young athletes for almost 20 years, and we ask that you please help the organization impact the community for many more years to come.


Thank you