Covid-19 Precautions

Foothill Hoops Reopening Protocols

UpdatedThursday August 12, 2021 byFoothill Hoops.

To all of our Foothill Hoops Families and Members,

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. We also hope that everyone is making smart choices and handling the impact of the pandemic with patience and hope.

With our regular Spring season back in March of 2020 being directly impacted during the initial wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were hoping for a strong and speedy comeback to youth sports once it was safe to do so. We want to thank everyone their patience and hope so that we can now start to get back to a normal lifestyle as much as possible. If you were registered for the Spring 2020 season, Foothill Hoops account credits were issued into your online account, and can be used at any time for any of our program offerings.

As sports begin to resume and ease back into normalcy, we will always follow all protocols and guidelines, along with other measures that will be taken to ensure the safety and health of everyone involved. Our current seasons, programs and clinics will take the utmost precautions to make sure everyone is safe, and to make sure we are offering well organized, high quality youth basketball program that emphasize fun, learning, confidence building, and character enhancement to families of all income levels within a safe and friendly environment.

All of our programs are currently being held outdoors. Foothill Hoops Staff members are all fully vaccinated, and will continue to wear masks and distance themselves from others as much as feasibly possible. Players may elect to wear masks during practice and play. Any volunteers will be asked to submit a proof of vaccincation, or will be required to wear a mask at all times.

Please continue reading below to see our plan of action and measures to ensure participant, coach, and support staff safety.

Thank you to all of our Foothill Hoops Familes, and we hope to see you on the courts!


COVID-19 continues to pose a high risk to communities and requires all people to follow precautions and to modify operations and activities to reduce the risk of spread. County protocols provides direction on organized youth and adult recreational sports activities to reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19 during these sports. The requirements are specific to Youth and Adult Recreational Sports (“Recreational Sports”) Programs permitted to be open by the Order of the State Public Health Officer. In addition to the conditions imposed on these specific programs by the State Public Health Officer, these types of programs must also be in compliance with the conditions laid out in the Checklist for Youth and Adult Recreational Sports. For the purposes of this Protocol, Youth Sports are defined as organized sports activities or leagues established for individuals aged 18 years old and younger.

o Foothill Hoops Return to Play Safety Plan

▪ Events will be held outdoors until further notice. 

▪ All participants have the option to wear an appropriate face mask that covers the nose and the mouth during practice, games and conditioning.

▪ During games and competitions, face coverings are suggested be worn when not participating in the activity (e.g., on the sidelines). (For more information on face masks, please visit: acd/ncorona2019/masks/. Exceptions to wearing a face mask are when the face mask may become a hazard, when in the water, while eating/drinking, or when engaging in solo physical exertion (such as jogging by oneself, alone). For more information on face masks, please visit: http://publichealth. applies to all adults and to children 2 years of age and older. Masks with one-way valves are not suggested to be used. 

▪ Participants should take a break from exercise and/or remove their face mask if any difficulty breathing is noted and should change their mask or mask if it becomes wet and sticks to the participant’s face and obstructs breathing. Participants should remain physically distanced from others at any time their face mask is temporarily removed. Masks that restrict airflow under heavy exertion (such as N-95 masks) are not advised for exercise.

▪ All coaches, support staff, family members, observers, and visitors are suggested to wear an appropriate face mask that covers the nose and the mouth at all times. This applies to all adults and to children 2 years of age and older. Masks with one-way valves must not be used.

▪  All staff and other support staff involved have been told not to come to work if sick, or if they are exposed to a person who has COVID-19. Everyone understands to follow LACDPH guidance for self-isolation and quarantine, if applicable. Workplace leave policies for employees have been reviewed and modified to ensure that employees are not penalized when they stay home due to illness

▪  Entry screening will be conducted for all workers, team support staff, and participants prior to entering the facility, practice, games and competition.

▪ Team participants are cohorted as much as possible (teams will not participate in other city tournaments, etc)

▪ Communicating team safety modifications to participants, their families, and the public will be a priority

▪ Observers (non participating Foothill Hoops members) will be allowed to watch from around the court area, but will not be allowed to enter the courts


o Foothill Hoops Fall 2021 Site-Specific Safety Plan

▪ Foothill Hoops will establish facility-specific COVID-19 prevention plan at every facility the organization uses, perform a comprehensive risk assessment of all work and athletic areas, and designate a person at each facility to implement the plan.

▪ Foothill Hoops will designate a supervisor at all events to be responsible for responding to COVID-19 concerns and questions, as applicable.

▪ Foothill Hoops will train and communicate with workers, worker representative (as applicable) and participants on the plan and make the plan available to workers and their representatives; and

▪ Foothill Hoops will regularly evaluate the facility for compliance with the plan and document and correct deficiencies as identified.

▪ Attendance is limited such that all observers and spectators are able to maintain at least a 6-foot distance from others who are not in their household group.

▪ Observers must wear a mask at all times and must maintain at least a 6-foot physical distance from non-household members. Observers should refrain from shouting, singing, or chanting as these activities increase the volume and spread of respiratory droplets.

▪  Participants, coaches, and support staff should cohort by team, and refrain (as much as possible) from participating with more than one team over the same season or time period.

▪  Designing activities for smaller groups and rearranging practice and play spaces to maintain physical separation.

▪  To the maximum extent practicable, participants are encouraged to bring their own equipment (for example, basketballs, etc) to practice and not share equipment. Participants may engage in limited sharing of equipment during drills. If equipment must be shared, such as during game play, participants should perform hand hygiene before play, during breaks, at half time, and after the conclusion of the activity.

▪  Participants, coaches, and support staff should use hand sanitizer when handwashing is not practicable. Sanitizer must be rubbed into hands until completely dry. Note: frequent handwashing is more effective than the use of hand sanitizers, especially when hands are visibly dirty.

▪ Hand sanitizing stations will be set up and available for use during all events

▪  Children under age 9 years should only use hand sanitizer under adult supervision. Call Poison Control if consumed: 1-800-222-1222. Ethyl alcohol-based hand sanitizers are preferred and should be used when there is the potential of unsupervised use by children. Isopropyl hand sanitizers are more toxic and can be absorbed through the skin.

▪  Participants, coaches, support staff, and employees are discouraged from making unnecessary physical contact with one another (for example, high-fives, handshakes, fist bumps) to limit the potential for disease to spread.

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